The geopolitics of Indiana Jones

The pseudonymous Spengler of the Asia Times has an interesting metaphor for recent events in Lebanon.

A celebrated moment in US cinema had Indiana Jones facing off an Arab swordsman of evident skill. Jones gave the Arab a deprecating glance, drew his revolver and shot him dead. Put President George W Bush in the role of the swordsman and Hezbollah’s Hasan Nasrullah in place of Indiana Jones, and the events of March 8 in Beirut fall into context.

This comparison inspired me to dig out an old article by Hani Shukrallah of Egypt’s Al-Ahram which I think is something of a minor classic:

I might as well admit to one of my shameful little secrets. I’ve enjoyed the Indiana Jones film series. And since I’m baring all, you might as well know: I doubt if I’ve missed a single James Bond movie (ever since way back when the still dashing Sean Connery was doing it, up to the current hero, whose name I don’t recall). But then, I tend to be highly tolerant of my various (human) failings — not to mention everyone else’s.

Read on, I implore you.






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