Tim Spicer alert

From the Pat Finucane Centre:

Former Scots Guards officer and mercenary Tim Spicer is due to speak at a conference in the US later this month. Subscribers will remember that he pulled out of a recent conference in London after Jean Mc Bride announced her intention to attend and confront him.  Spicer has repeatedly sought to justify the murder by soldiers under his command of Peter Mc Bride in Belast in 1992. His company, Aegis, last year won a major Pentagon contract to provide ‘private security services’  in Iraq. Aegis is currently under investigation following emergence of a shoot-to-kill video filmed in Iraq and allegedly linked to the controversial company. In recent weeks US Senators Charles Schumer and Barack Obama have questioned the $295 million Aegis contract.

PFC subscribers should contact the conference organisers (and their elected representatives) and ask if they are aware that Aegis, co-sponsors of the conference, are currently under investigation or that the President of the company, LT Col Tim Spicer, faces serious allegations concerning his mercenary activities in Sierra Leone and Papua New Guinea and his defence of the murder of an unarmed youth in Belfast. 

Warren Wm. Gollop, Tel :246.417.5328 Fax :888.844.4901 (Toll Free) EMail : defense@marcusevansbb.com

Conference details

Reconstruction and Stabilization in Iraq
Optimizing Post Conflict Efforts of Future Operations
23-25 January 2006 
Location: Sheraton Premiere at Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, VA, USA








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