Will Rhodri implement Tory policies?

Tony Blair and Michael Howard were both campaigning in Wales today.

Howard said that if the Tories were elected, they would expect the Labour administration in Cardiff to implement their council tax rebate for pensioners.

The proposed rebate of up to £500 for the over-65s would have to be approved by the Labour-run Welsh Assembly, and it would be up to first minister Rhodri Morgan to implement the policy.

Howard said: "There is every reason why the people of Wales should get the free council tax rebate we are promising.

"Rhodri Morgan will have the money. If he does not give that, he has a lot of explaining to do."

But Labour were quick to respond to Howard’s speech, accusing the Tories of being "completely confused" about what they would do in Wales.

"On the one hand, they offer a vote on whether the assembly should continue; on the other, they say the Assembly will receive money to carry out Tory policies," the spokesman said.

Disputes like this may be academic this time round, if Labour is on course to win at Westminster, but they could be significant for the future.







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