Tories ‘quietly federalising’

The Scottish Press takes a strong interest in the English question, much stronger, ironically, than the London media (perhaps because the latter has a mainly British perspective.)

The latest example is Fraser Nelson in the Scotsman, on the Conservative Party’s evolution towards English Nationalism. (hat-tip to the CEP blog and Independence.)

This is a logical, and profitable, policy for the Tories. The party has always had the most to gain from cutting Scotland out of the picture – but it romantically clung to its Conservative and Unionist principles. Now, after taking a beating in the last three general elections in Scotland and Wales, the blue is finally draining from the Union Flag. There far is more to be gained by stirring things up a little, and adopting the West Lothian Question as its own.

Two years ago, the party decided that its "Scottish MPs" (quaintly, it still uses the plural) will not vote on England-only matters – and Tory MPs now bridle with faux indignation whenever Scottish Labour MPs become involved in foxhunting.

The Tories are quietly federalising. Scottish Conservatives can fly the Saltire at Holyrood and the Welsh Conservatives can do the dragon in Cardiff Bay. But in the House of Commons, Tories are becoming increasingly English.



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