Trophy video investigation update

The Irish Echo has some new details on the investigation into the trophy video story, from a letter to Senator Chuck Schumer.

The response to Schumer, dated Feb. 16 and signed by Bernard P. Ingold, deputy Chief Legislative Counsel at the Department of the Army’s Investigative and Legislative Division, thanks Schumer for his letter to Secretary Rumsfeld "regarding the recent video purporting to show Aegis Defense Services LTD (Aegis) employees shooting at Iraqi civilians without provocation."

Ingold writes: "Let me assure you that we are as disturbed as you at the content of the video. Aegis was hired to protect U.S. personnel working on the reconstruction of Iraq and no U.S. personnel have been injured or killed under security provided by Aegis. However, the protection they afford should not come at the expense of Iraqi civilians."

The letter added that CID was reviewing the "tapes of the incident" and also an internal investigation by Aegis "in order to determine if there is potential criminality that falls within their investigative purview."

The letter stated that the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction did hot have jurisdiction to investigate "violent criminal activities by armed security contractor personnel in theater" – hence the CID role. (Irish Echo)






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