Unionists ‘can’t rely on Stormont majority’

Interesting response to Sir Kenneth Bloomfield from the UUP’s Alex Kane:

for all the grandiose statements from Dr Paisley and Peter Robinson
about how confident and strong unionism is today, the fact remains that
we cannot rely on veto and stalemate to shore up our beliefs and
electoral position in the long term. And nor can we delude ourselves
that there is a cohesive and contented pro-Union Roman Catholic
minority who will bale us out in a future Border poll. Sinn Fein will
continue with its unity agenda and Unionist Outreach project and there
will be self-styled small-u unionists, like Sir Kenneth Bloomfield for
example, who will not be averse to exploring and endorsing the
arguments for unification.

Unionism won’t survive on just an
Assembly headcount: let’s face it, with only 55 out of 108 seats and
around 50% of the total vote, the statistics don’t provide much in the
way of feather-bedding…

…All of which means that the two main unionist parties have to get their
acts together and make a much more electorally appealing effort to
build-up and maximise the overall pro-Union turnout. (Belfast Newsletter)






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