US auditor criticises Aegis contract

From the Washington Post:

A controversial British firm responsible for a $293 million U.S. Army security contract in Iraq could not prove that its armed employees received proper weapons training or that it had vetted Iraqi employees to ensure they did not pose a threat, according to a government audit released yesterday.

In addition to criticizing Aegis Defence Services Ltd., the audit took aim at the Army’s contracting office in Iraq for poor oversight. It reported that the official who was supposed to keep watch over Aegis’s contract had not been trained in either monitoring contracts or security. The office was also severely short-staffed: At the time of the audit, 41 officials were administering 6,500 contracts and task orders.

As the Post article notes, Aegis is the company run by Tim Spicer, who was the commanding officer of the two Scots Guards who killed Peter McBride.

I wonder if the US Army Contracting Agency still thinks Spicer has a "satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics."






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