Von Paleske – Introduction and Index

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with the remarkable Dr Alexander Von Paleske,  a German doctor and lawyer who has lived in southern Africa for the past two decades.

Dr Von Paleske originally contacted me as a result of my work on Tim Spicer’s role in the Peter McBride case. As a result of his own research on mercenaries, he was able to fill me in on Spicer’s links in Africa.

Over the next week or so I will be posting sections of an interview with Dr Von Paleske which I think sheds some interesting light on the current G8/Live 8 debate on Africa.

1 – Mugabe: From hero to villain

2 – War in the Congo

3 – Crisis in Zimbabwe

4 – The Botswana success story

5 – The new mercenaries

6 – The EG coup plot

7 – The case of Gerhard Merz

8 – Spicer and the Irish







One response to “Von Paleske – Introduction and Index”

  1. Edward James avatar
    Edward James

    I have read an item about Vulture Funds buying debts at a discount then suing third world countries from the safe haven of first world courts, for enormous debt plus cost. I am interested in why the item would be posted by anonymous Rather than Dr Alexander Von Paleske to whom it is attributed.
    The shame which comes with this sort of predatory activity should be a public discussion in first world countries of that I am sure!
    Edward James

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