Von Paleske: Spicer and the Irish


It’s quite interesting that when I did all this research I found very little interest. I contacted many papers in Britain, in Germany, in the United States. I never got a reply. The only reply I got was from the Irish Echo in the United States, and from the Irish World in London, because these papers were after Tim Spicer.

Tim Spicer had a nasty past, When he was in charge of the Scots Guards in Northern Ireland, Two soldiers of his unit had shot and killed an innocent Irishman by the name of Peter McBride in 1992. They were later convicted of murder. He wanted to send them straight away back on patrol, which is absolutely unbelievable.

Later on when they were convicted he campaigned  for them so they got early release from prison, and then afterwards he campaigned for them to be reinstated into the army, and he was also successful in that. 

These papers were fighting the contract that Tim Spicer got in the United States, a contract worth $293 million, to be overall in charge of all the mercenaries in Iraq that are now totalling 20,000.

Senators like Schumer, Kennedy, Hilary Clinton and Congressman Martin Meehan were writing letters to Donald Rumsfeld to get this contract cancelled also in view of his mercenary past in Papua New Guinea and Sierra Leone, but the Americans were not prepared up to now to take into consideration, that such a man is totally unfit to be in charge of private military companies.

He has shown that in Northern Ireland, and he has shown that in Papua New Guinea where he wanted to defeat a movement of people who wanted to stop the copper mine from production because of the environmental disaster that this mine was causing. So, it was the Irish who were interested in the background of Tim Spicer, not so much about Mark Thatcher.

Mark Thatcher, OK, he is good for headlines, but he is not really important. He has never achieved anything in his life. He has never got any academic credentials. He had a case in the United States of perjury and fraud which in the end was only stopped by an out of court settlement. There were allegations against him that he just benefited from contracts that his mother was sourcing in Arab countries, so in other words he was nothing in his own right. But he was always good for headlines, negative headlines. I was far more interested not in Mark Thatcher, but in the other players, who were the brains behind i. Mark Thatcher was just somebody who put money into it because he just wanted the quick buck. But not the real brains behind it.

So it was the Irish papers that were only too eager to to pick up the background of Spicer that basically cemented their accusations against this man.   







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