Wales joining the Celtic consensus?

The Welsh Budget Minister today announced a review of tax and public funding for the Assembly:

The funding review announcement came during a debate on a Lib Dem motion calling for an independent commission to investigate issues relating to the funding and financial powers of the assembly government.

Ms Hutt responded to the call by saying: "We’ve concluded that the time has now come to put in place such an independent commission and I think the commission which we intend to appoint will not only review assembly funding and finance.

"But it will go further than that. It will also consider tax-varying powers including corporation tax… and importantly, borrowing powers.

"It’s well-known that for the past two terms we didn’t advocate such a commission. The time has now come for this to take place."

Ms Hutt also said that they could not establish a commission "with a pre-determined agenda which is why the independent review is so important".  (BBC News)

This may be a holding exercise, but it looks more likely that whichever coalition emerges in Cardiff will join Scotland and Northern Ireland in seeking more fiscal powers.







2 responses to “Wales joining the Celtic consensus?”

  1. Maria avatar

    “Celtic”? Oh come on, don’t be silly! Also smacks just a little of racism…
    Been watching Channel Four, have we, dear?

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    Whilst it’s true that England also has a Celtic heritage, I don’t think its unreasonable to use the term as an adjective that encompasses Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I don’t see why anyone should find that threatening.

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