Welcome to the Green Ribbon

Welcome to my new weblog, The Green Ribbon, which is named after the symbol of the Levellers, the Seventeenth century English republicans.

I’m hoping to post regular bits and pieces on current events covering everything from the War in Iraq to the Irish peace process.

I’ll also be linking to regular updates at my main website: TomGriffin.Info, which hosts some of my articles from the Irish World newspaper and elsewhere.






One response to “Welcome to the Green Ribbon”

  1. Nathan avatar

    Nice blog Tom
    What I’ve found with Britons is that they all to often cheer on their royalist history whilst forgetting that there also exists an equally powerful strand of rationalism and republicanism at the core of their national identity. Isaac Newton and Oliver Cromwell, Karl Popper and Thomas Paine are surely as fundamental to the island(s) story as any Edward VII or George VI.

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