Will English gold be SNP’s bane?

Stuart Dickson at Scotland’s Independence blog has news of an opinion poll which shows the SNP being overtaken by the Tories.

Gareth at the Campaign for an English Parliament blog has a link to a Sunday Herald article which might explain why the SNP is facing an uphill task.

As Gareth points out:

It’s no accident that Labour have retained the massive and disproportionately high levels of public spending in Scotland, and I’m sure that Alex Salmond hates the fact that they have. His one hope is that the English start to resent it in numbers, but as a nationalist he can hardly be the one to point out the salient facts to the English unwashed.

Some of the salient facts are pointed out in a video, which the CEP has picked up from an outfit called the English Progressive and Liberty Party.



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  1. Independence avatar

    MORI Scotland Poll was a Rogue!

    We seem to have got to the bottom of that rogue poll published by MORI Scotland/Scottish TV (STV) on Thursday.
    It was not weighted by past vote. An absolutely primary-school methadological error. Whoops!
    That dud is forthwith being removed from…

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