Will Tories play the English Card?

Politicalbetting.com asks the million dollar question:

In terms of English seats this was always going to be challenging but in terms of votes there is a different picture. Although the all-UK vote split was LAB 35.2: CON 32.3: LD 22 the Tories have exceeded the Labour’s English vote total by about 60,000 although they are more than 90 seats behind.

Are we now going to see the Tories pursue issues like the fact that there is much higher than average per capitia public spending in Scotland than south of the border? Can we expect further questioning of why MPs from Scotland are allowed to vote on England-only matters but not the other way round.

The politicalbetting.com site also has odds on the next Tory leader, who will have to decide this issue.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the favourite David Davis, has expressed support for an English Parliament. It will be interesting to see what line Scottish contenders like Malcolm Rifkind and Liam Fox take.






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