Wonga coup case thrown out

The Court of Appeal has thrown out a civil case brought by the Government of Equatorial Guinea against a number of individuals accused of involvement in the 2005 coup attempt in the the country.

The Court of Appeal found that the state could not bring claims for
assault and conspiracy, or claim damages against the defendants in the
English courts. Clarke MR said that such claims could not be upheld as
they represented an extension of Equatorial Guinea’s exercise of
sovereign power. (The Lawyer)

Update: Bloomberg reports that the respondents in the case were Simon Mann, Greg Wales, Ely Calil and Severo Moto.






2 responses to “Wonga coup case thrown out”

  1. Alex avatar

    I’m amused to see from Adam Roberts’ book on the topic that I had dinner last year in the place in Cape Town they conspired in.

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    You didn’t manage to hear where the next coup plot will be? By all accounts the last one was the talk of the town.

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