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  • Blogcode recommends

    Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads has produced an interesting new blog recommendation tool at For every blog entered it will produce a list of similar sites. The criteria don’t include politics, so you might find an ‘evil twin.’ Here are the recommendations for the Green Ribbon:

  • The Green Ribbon review of the year

    Well, it’s that time of year when journalists like to fob off the public with content from the previous twelve months. I can’t see why blogging should be any different, so here’s a look back at how the year shaped up the Green Ribbon.

  • Hobson choice

    I have been looking for a decent tagline for the Green Ribbon for some time now, and I’m still not sure I’ve found one. Until I can come up with something that expresses the same idea a bit more snappily, I’ve decided to use the above quote from John A Hobson, an English liberal thinker…

  • Bloggers on Aegis

    Daithí at the The Gaelic Starover is campaigning for Aegis Defence Services to have its contract with the US Government cancelled. United Irelander has also picked up the issue, while Matt Armstrong at Mountainrunner has been prompted to a more general critique of Private Military Companies.

  • 2005: Blogged has arrived

    I have just received my copy of 2005: Blogged, Tim Worstall’s anthology of the best of the year’s British and Irish blogging. The Green Ribbon has sneaked in on page 93 thanks to this post which was originally nominated for the BritBlog Roundup back in March by Gareth from the CEP.

  • Google launches blog search

    Google has finally got around to launching its long-awaited blog search service. The coverage seems pretty comprehensive. Basically, if your blog uses a ping-service, it should be there. Check out the FAQ for details.

  • Blog interrupted

    I won’t be posting over the weekend as i will be in Ireland for a wedding. There may be some changes around here when i come back next week so stay tuned.

  • Book blogger tagged

    Stuart from Independence has seen fit to inflict the following meme on me, so here goes: How many books do i own? Between about 400 and 500

  • A few new blogs

    I have added a few new sites to the blogroll which are worth a look:

  • Green Ribbon makes Troubled Diva blog chart

    Blogger Troubled Diva has compiled a list of ‘the most linked UK weblogs’ listed on Technorati. The Green Ribbon has made it in at 60, jointly with Troubled Diva himself, and just ahead of the Guardian newsblog. Thanks to everyone who has linked to the blog. I suppose I had better get posting. (Hat-tip to…